Additional ideas

  • Creation of posters with safety rules (poster patterns)
  • security course and its national recognition of government and other organizations.
  • The Best Practice Guide is to be created with our existing friends and partners. To do this, you have to create a questionnaire and define the scope. Content should be:
  • Training of water sports enthusiasts
  • Stickers and posters with friendly hint icons for correct behavior
  • No Alcohol
  • 300m off the coast slow down
  • Priority rules
  • 50m distance to buoys
  • Emergency
  • Proper behaviour at night
  • QR Codes for Emergency Checklists
  • How to minimize risk in the water
  • Proper markings
  • Legal rules and their implementation
  • Personnel training
  • Guest instruction at boat and jet ski rentals, surf centers, river surfing, etc.
  • Creation of maps and rules of conduct (icons, posters and APP)

Here we have to go further…